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We save Amazon sellers time and money by scaling their Amazon PPC with our proprietary PSD Methodology

  • We believe that everybody should work in their zone of genius.
  • Amazon PPC is our zone of genius, and it’s the only thing that we do. 
  • Let us optimize and scale your Amazon PPC using our unique Prepare, Scale, and Defend methodology. 
  • This methodology is designed to move 6 figure clients to 7, and 7 figure clients to 8 as quickly as possible.
  • We’ll do everything for you 100% hands-off while you focus on your zone of genius, running your business.

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We only work with clients that we know we can help. 

To know that we always start with an audit.

It’s on us.

Who we are

We are two friends who decided to master one thing. That one thing came to mind three years ago when we were selling physical products on Amazon. Amazon PPC today is far from what it was back in those days – essentially, all you needed was a manual and an automatic campaign. Today, we run up to 15 different campaigns per SKU. We’ve seen examples of other advertising platforms take off earlier and how complicated they got which then created a huge demand for people who knew how to manage them. So we got out of our other ventures and decided to go all-in on Amazon PPC. Today with the help of our amazing team and a unique software, we are able to bring outstanding results to our carefully selected client-partners.  

What we do

We deliver a 100% hands-off Amazon PPC management solution to Amazon sellers worldwide. Our services include:

Sponsored Products ad management – the most powerful and widely used type of ads on the Amazon ad platform.

Sponsored Brands ad management – running these ads is a must for trademarked brands that want to stand out and access the best ad placements on the Amazon webpage. Now with video mobile ad placements.

Sponsored Display ad management – the newest ad type on Amazon. It seems to be still searching for its place, but it can be very powerful for some product categories.

The platforms we work with are Campaign Manager on Seller Central and the Amazon Advertising Platform.

How we do it

The result of our countless hours of work is what we call the Prepare, Scale, and Defend method or PSD. PSD is more of a framework to our everyday work and not a set-in-stone SOP. Amazon is developing its ad products very quickly and that requires ultra-fast adaptation of new features, which is what we’ve mastered. You need to be agile and flexible to keep your competitive edge on the Amazon marketplace. On any marketplace – really. Fast adaptation of those new features has resulted in large amounts of profits to our clients. These principles are core to our team and that is what makes us successful.